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"i am free to be who i really am... no pretenses, no broken promises, no fear... just a life packed with hopelessness and unattainable dreams, 'cause im just livin' like i shld... my life..." everyone has hopes and dreams but dun they know that hope is the denial of reality and that dreams will forever be just dreams?


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

[121209] ouch.

This tingling sensation only confirms what i've felt all along. ouch.

it's always the tiniest pin prick that hurts the most and this is no different.

turion at 23:47

Monday, November 02, 2009

[021109] down the road of liabilities

Have you ever heard people saying that Cars are almost inevitably liabilities and never assets? Well, it could be counted as an asset only in the convenience it provides but overall, owning a car is a liability. Well, what would you expect? COE, Insurance, ERP, Parking, FUEL, maintenance, washing (if you happen to be lazy or do not have a domestic helper that helps you keep the car spick and span every single morning before you drive off to work), modifications (if you're into that, zhnging too much can incur the wrath of the gah-men equates to more $$$ being paid out), fines (if you're not careful) and lastly, accidents (choY!) but there are reckless drivers in Singapore (mainly members of the fairer sex). Yep. having a car is a liability.

This is what I say and think, Your road to owning a liability starts from the very moment you enroll yourself in the driving centre.

Though the skill of driving is an asset. Note to self: ALL and i mean ALL driving practical lessons are fully booked from now til the end of December. (yep, you didint read wrongly, it's really fully booked. earliest i can book a lesson is in January 2010) crazy. madness. Really so many people that hard up to learn how to drive?

Can't wait to learn how to drive actually. Somehow i think i'll get Tokyo Drift's soundtrack playing in my head when i first step into the car for my lesson. That scene to me, is absolutely hilarious.

turion at 22:11

Friday, October 09, 2009

[091009] Lies, lies and more lies

Whoever told me AMD was the easiest IND stn to do ought to be hanged, castrated, shot and torn to pieces with the use of raging horses. It was singlehandedly the worst flight I did in my 10 months of flying. Jeez, wondering wtf the caterers were thinking of when they decided to load the meals the freaking way they did. I think my lifespan just got shortened by 5 days after this flight.

And Matt, who told me that he had quote, "A FUCKING GOOD TIME" in AMD ought to be shot as well, good time? what good time? Matt, dude wtf did you do over here to have a good time? run around in the slums singing Jai Ho? getting it down with the natives? jeez.

One more day to go before heading back home.. im getting sick of indian food and cup noodles. First agenda once i touch down in SG, bak chor mee ta, lots of chilli. Yep, that's what keeps me going thru the dark, boring and moody days in AMD.

turion at 14:49

Monday, October 05, 2009

[051009] Quote of the day

Dalif Roos Heilig
cannot understand why God is being mentioned all the time despite the fact that he's not there physically to help you.He could be playing Guitar Hero with Satan for all you know

blasphemy but a darn funny blasphemy at that... makes my day.

turion at 10:27

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[300909] Time that slips away

I feel as though I'm wasting the prime of my youth.

Find comfort and solace in the Silence.

The sands of time slips through my hands and what's gone can never be regained.

turion at 10:44

Monday, September 28, 2009

[280909] random thoughts

Something that just came to my mind. 2's a company, 3's a crowd. I somehow get the feeling that should i ever get out of the wilderness (highly unlikely judging by current situations), i would not only find it weird but more likely than not, not get used to it at all and ultimately might not even adapt to it. And should such an event occur, I think the logical thing would be to head off into the wilderness again.

On a sidenote, Inglourious Basterds was a damn good film.

turion at 16:12

Saturday, September 26, 2009

[260909] My core being

I think i realised something about myself. It's not a divine revelation or anything of that sorts but just that it gave me a better understanding of how my current life came about to be in this current state. Deep down, I resent (though it seems a bit strong but i really cant seem to find another word to substitute it) hassles. Hassles in everyday life. To be bogged down by details. In an essence to put in effort where it's due. Sounds as though im just being plain lazy but to a certain extend, i realise it now to explain why so many things are where they stand currently.

In crude terms, a relationship is nothing more than emotions mixed in with hassles, alot of hassles.
And the process in which to start a relationship is more often than not, a hassle among hassles.
Which might explain my current martial status: Single, available and pretty much not doing anything about it.

I've been told, I'm simply bo chap (cant be bothered) with regards to my social life and i agree. It's simply too much of a hassle to get anything going, not to mention sustaining it. Somehow my views with regards to my personal and professional life are shrouded in disparity. If only i could somehow transfer just a tiny percentage of my enthusiasm and work ethic from my professional life to work on my personal life, maybe it might be different but then again, who am i trying to kid? Bottom line is: I shun Hassles.

turion at 20:27